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'God help us': GOP lawmaker shredded for saying 'Joe Biden sent the orders' to shoot Trump

Raw Story 14 Jul 2024
James Surowiecki, an American journalist, said Saturday, "The fact that Mike Collins is a U.S ... Norman Ornstein — who is an emeritus scholar at the Koch-funded American Enterprise Institute — said, "Disgusting.".

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Our Brezhnev, our Pravda, our Soviet Union …

Las Vegas Review-Journal 14 Jul 2024
“Journalists” sent out false communiques ... Yet our Pravda journalists have sworn to the American people that, in private, the reclusive, three-day-a-week Biden outpaces the energy and drive of those half his age.

Why I started the Journalism Hangout and now it’s spreading across the country

Ghana Business News 13 Jul 2024
The Journalism Hangout was borne out of the desire to meet the deep, and indeed desperate need for continuous training of journalists in Ghana ... We’ve also had an American and Nigerian journalist join us at some of the sessions.

Letter: Palestinians are being terrorized

Post Bulletin 13 Jul 2024
The real question here is, why aren’t we hearing about this in this newspaper and the American press? Are journalists afraid to tell us the truth? Who really ...

‘I’ll F**k You Up’: Former NFL Wide Receiver Jerry Rice Lashes Out at Reporters on Question About Super Bowl 2024

Pinkvilla 13 Jul 2024
He got into a violent argument with two journalists who approached him during Thursday's practice round of the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament and shouted in their faces.

Cher, cocaine and blood money at the Bellagio: What it was really like doing PR ...

New York Post 13 Jul 2024
Using President Obama’s Healthy Kids Coalition as a cover, Elwood planted a seed with journalists, inspiring them to write (as he had brainstormed on a bar napkin) that until physical education ...

Opinion: Political debate hijacked by culture fights

Chatanooga Times Free Press 13 Jul 2024
Overall, 49% of Americans agreed, but the divides by community type and landscape were stark ... Dante Chinni is a data and political journalist and director of the American Communities Project based at the Michigan State University.

Never-ending Diddy story: Sean Combs allegedly threatened veteran journalist would be ‘dead in the trunk ...

Hindustan Times 13 Jul 2024
According to the timeline purported by Smith, the incident came at the heels of hip-hop icons Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.’s murders when the American journalist was named the editor-in-chief of the music magazine Vibe.

Government continues cutting holes in the 4th Amendment

Ogden Standard Examiner 13 Jul 2024
What about protecting all persons in America from government spying? The Fourth Amendment protects all persons -- not just Americans, not just journalists and dissidents, not just good people - from all government, not just law enforcement.

World’s first hydrogen-powered ferry to operate in San Francisco Bay

Santa Cruz Sentinel 13 Jul 2024
By Terry Chea ... The vessel was constructed at Bay Ship and Yacht in Alameda, California, and All-American Marine in Bellingham, Washington. Associated Press journalist Jennifer McDermott contributed to this report from Providence, Rhode Island. .

ANDREW NEIL: The lies told from the heart of the White House to hide the ...

The Daily Mail 13 Jul 2024
Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, so it is the constitutional duty of all patriotic Americans to stop him ever returning to the White House ... There are roughly ten Democrats for every Republican in mainstream American newsrooms.

'Mafia Spies' review: Series details how CIA hired Chicago Outfit to kill Castro, based on ...

Chicago Sun-Times 13 Jul 2024
Experts interviewed include Maier and other top journalists and historians as well as former Cuban revolutionaries and American law enforcement personnel, even Antoinette Giancana, the sassy daughter ...

Two 80-Something Greek-American Journalists Sue ChatGPT Creators Over Copyright Concerns

Greek City Times 12 Jul 2024
In a bold legal move, two Greek-American journalists have taken on tech giants OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of misusing their lifetime of work through the artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT.

Greek American Journalists Sue OpenAI to ‘Protect Writing’

Greek Reporter 12 Jul 2024
Two veteran Greek American journalists are suing OpenAI Inc ... “These summaries themselves are derivative works, the creation of which is inherently based on the original unlawfully copied work.” Journalists and writers join the campaign against OpenAI.